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Free Agent Predict-a-thon

Predict the team, the years, and the money. The winner gets a lifetime subscription to McCovey Chronicles Premium, as well as two V.I.P. passes to the Gold Room at the McCovey Chronicles Lounge, opening in 2015 at the Persephone Underground Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas!

Here’s a blank template for you to copy and paste:

Adrian Beltre

Pat Burrell

Carl Crawford

Jorge De La Rosa

Jose Guillen

Aubrey Huff

Derek Jeter

Cliff Lee

Victor Martinez

Bengie Molina

Tsuyoshi Nishioka

Edgar Renteria

Juan Uribe

Jayson Werth

…and my guesses:

Adrian Beltre – A’s, 5/$70M

Pat Burrell – Padres, 1/$5M

Carl Crawford – Giants, 6/$122M

Jorge De La Rosa – Nationals, 4/$36M

Jose Guillen – Retirement, 1/$4M

Aubrey Huff – Rangers, 2/$18M

Derek Jeter – Yankees, 3/$50M

Cliff Lee – Rangers, 5/$130M

Victor Martinez – Red Sox, 4/$48M

Bengie Molina – Blue Jays, 1/$3M

Tsuyoshi Nishioka – Mariners, 3/$21M

Edgar Renteria – Marlins, 1/$3M

Juan Uribe – Cardinals, 3/$26M

Jayson Werth – Red Sox, 5/$100M