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Final Reminder: Game 3 Meet-up at Public House Sunday 1:30pm (RSVP if you haven't)

Bring your pom pons, orange towels and fake/real beards!  Our meet-up tomorrow should be our best yet.  Details:

Event: Watch Game #3 with fellow McCoven
Place: The Public House (the bar/restaurant at AT&T Park)
Date & Time: Sunday at 1:30

Look for the "McCovey Chronicles" table signs.

Breaking news!  For those that can't make it, we're going to try to post real time pictures on the McCovey Chronicles Facebook page, so check it out.  Also, I'll bring Ks again for us to hang on the wall and celebrate each strikeout.

For Sure:: jponry, j14, Goofus, Mrs. Goofus, groug, Johnny Disaster, Mrs. Disaster, Seasick Fish, sfgiantsgirl, OldJacket, Mrs. OldJacket, Taliesin, The Enchanter, Mr. Enchanter, Frankiecgsw and guest.

Maybe: jctgamer, kitspool, walkoff baltimore chop, snof, kdl, karlifornia, Mrs. Taliesin, dregarx, Aadik

If you haven't done so, please RSVP "for sure" or "maybe" in the comments below so we can give our Friends at the Public House an accurate head count.