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Post-game thread: Bullpen falters for first time in a month

Ah, baseball. If I do the Eternal Sunshine bit, scrub my frontal lobe, and pretend that this is a best-of-three series in which the Braves have home-field advantage, then I lose the Lincecum start from last night. Not willing to do that. There was no way the Giants were going to go through the playoffs without a punch to the liver. Wear it like a medal, Giants fans.

A four-run lead should hold up. A three-run lead in the eighth should hold up. Sergio Romo gave up two hits in an inning for the first time since August 20th. The best hitter on the team could have won the game by making just one out instead of two.

Ah, baseball.

Last night was, on the whole, more enjoyable than tonight.