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Post-game thread: Giants can't catch up in Game Three

One more day of Rosstober. Then we move on to Velezember.
One more day of Rosstober. Then we move on to Velezember.

Admit it. There was a small, sick part of you that thought there would be four straight games of torture-free baseball. The Giants would use the World Series as their venue to pull off their mask, WWF-style, and let us know they were messing with us the whole time. That torture thing? Style points. That's all it was. Sweep! Sweep! Sweep!

Yeah. No.

As much as I want to slag Jonathan Sanchez tonight, it's worth noting that Mitch Moreland was millimeters away from whiffing on a breaking ball on two separate occasions. I didn't like a possible fastball call before the pitch, and I really didn't like it when Moreland put it fifteen rows back. Sanchez didn't help by leaving it over the plate, of course. Actually, I probably didn't need the last eight words of that last sentence.

Shake it off. Just like the Ankiel game and the second game of the NLCS, this is a loss that feels worse than it might have otherwise felt because of a sense of momentum that doesn't exist. If momentum were a real thing in baseball, we'd be watching the Braves and the Yankees right now, rooting for March.

The only thing that really, really bothers me about tonight -- other than the slow burn of a tough loss -- is the thought of Jonathan Sanchez starting Game Seven. Every loss inches the Giants closer. So I'd like to humbly suggest that they win two games before it gets to that point. Think it over, Giants.