Serious Props to Jon Miller for broadcasting Game 5

I haven't been on MCC for a long time, but I wanted to come back to share this on this off day since I haven't seen this commented on anywhere, and I didn't hear a mention of it on the radio broadcast.

Jon Miller deserves some serious props for broadcasting Game 5 of the NLCS last night.

Him doing Game 2 of the NLCS wasn't that much of a shock. He had the full day to get up to the Northeast from DFW since it was a night game, and New York - Philly is a two hour trip. It's more than likely he just flew into Philly from Dallas and then hopped a limo up 95 or took the Acela to New York that night or the next day. Bit of a long day, but if didn't have anything else pressing during an offday on the road, might as well go a couple hours out of your way to broadcast the game you were going to be watching anyway.

I was, however, incredibly impressed to hear him on the radio last night, because the logistics for him to do so were a nightmare.

Game 5 of the ALCS ended in New York at right around 8 PM EST the night before. As someone who did 100,000 miles a year for 8 years straight, I can tell you the best way to do multiple transcons during a week and still be somewhat functional is to get as many nights as possible in your own bed. For him, that would have meant trying to get back out to San Francisco that night.

With wrapup and such (not that anyone reading MCC was listening to the ESPN radio broadcast as Game 4 of the NLCS started), there's no way Miller could have gotten out of Yankee stadium before 8:30, possibly even 9.

Unfortunately, the end time of the game left him with no way of getting back to San Francisco that night. Takes about an hour or so to get to Kennedy from the Stadium, the last direct flights leave around 7ish, and connecting would have made it even worse. Hence, hotel room in New York for the night.

So Miller clearly went back to someplace and watched the Giants game - which lasted until after 1 in the morning, EST. If he was like the rest of us, he probably was kind of excited by it even if he was exhausted, so good luck getting to sleep.

To give him enough time to go home to Half Moon Bay and pick up some clothes before going to the ballpark by 2ish PM PST to get ready for the broadcast in San Francisco, he'd have had to hop one of the early morning flights - like 7 AM. So, you're talking maybe 3 hours of sleep, plus whatever you can catch on the plane. (I'm sure he was up front, but keep in mind the JFK-SFO route generally doesn't have the really good international sleeper seats.)

That's bad enough, but he also had to get down to Arlington in time to broadcast game 6 of the ALCS today. With the weather coming in, I wouldn't be surprised if he took the 12:30 AM redeye out to DFW to make sure he made it. The 6 AM gets you there right around noon, but if you're delayed much, you're in real trouble, and you have to do things like check into your hotel and prep even if the ballpark is 15 minutes away from an airport it takes you almost that long to navigate. Even if he did the morning flight, still, that's just brutal.

So give the man some real credit for trying to be there despite ESPN forcing him to broadcast the Yankees so that he could be there to try to make a call of the Giants winning the pennant. That's dedication.

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