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Prelude to a third game

My brain is still processing this Giants playoff run. The left side of my brain is calm, thinking that it’s just swell that those rascally Giants have advanced this far. Remember beating Mat Latos to win the division? That was so neat. And Tim Lincecum’s dominance in the first game of the NLDS? Super cool! \(^.^)/ Everything else is just gravy, am I right? Win or lose, this has just been so much fun!

Then there’s the right side of my brain, which would make me eat a porcupine quill by quill if that could somehow allow the Giants to win a World Series. It could be decades before the Giants are seven wins away again. Every Torres strikeout, every Huff pop out, and every other thing that can go wrong in a playoff series just makes me more and more frantic. Every imperfect pitch gets us closer to watching the boulder roll down the hill.

Left side: think of all the awesome-to-the-max memories we have already! How can we be upset, win or lose, when a lot of us didn’t predict this team to crack .500? What a ride so far!

Right side: I will take hostages. Don’t test me. Don’t test my desire to watch a parade down Market Street. They can’t just get this close and then lose, making me wait all offseason for the start of another uncertain season that can fall apart in hundreds of different ways before the All-Star Break, which would lead to another interminable offseason that would lease to the start of another uncertain...

The Giants are heading into what’s essentially a best-of-five series in which they have homefield advantage. They still have a good team. They need to win three games out of their next five this October. They need to win seven out of their next twelve games. 7-5. No big deal.

Which all leads to my comment starter: DAMMIT, DAMMIT, GAAAAAAH. It’s not like I’m losing sleep, but I hope this is as stressed out as I’ll ever be over something as ultimately trivial as baseball. Well, if you’ve taken the time to find a weird little site like this, baseball isn’t exactly trivial to you, but you know what I mean.

Also, Matt Cain.