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Sunday morning coming down, dumping links

Tim Lincecum takes detour, San Francisco Giants' key additions - Tom Verducci -
You know how people always say, "I don't care what the ump's strike zone is as long as he's consistent."? Yeah, it doesn't help. The expected pitcher's duel of legend was almost a total dud because of an ump that didn't think pitches at the knees were strikes. Almost a total dud, but it became the greatest game of the past five years because the Giants won. Science.


Game 1 shocker: Giants beat Roy Halladay and Phillies 4-3 - San Jose Mercury News
"'If you're going to be streaky, now's a nice time for it,' Huff said of Ross, who was claimed off waivers from the Marlins. 'He's been a nice garbage find for us.'" -- Yes. Yes, he has. The Giants are in the playoffs and doing well because the Giants' outfield features a minor league free agent and two guys who were given away for free. I hope Rowand picks up a few checks every now and then.


Inman: Tim Lincecum gets help from unlikely source - San Jose Mercury News
"'I was thinking I must have a really nice butt, because I heard a lot of (whistles),' Lincecum said with a laugh. 'I've never been whistled at that much. The Philly fans must love something about me.'" -- The whistling thing was almost clever. Almost. But it allowed for a retort like this. Check.


S.F. Giants hitters aggressive, beat Roy Halladay
"But in the sixth, Posey got a huge hit, a two-out single to right that began a decisive rally. Pat Burrell, one pitch after Halladay thought he had an inning-ending strikeout, smacked an RBI double, and pinch-runner Nate Schierholtz scored on Juan Uribe's single." -- A two-out rally against Roy Halladay. The Giants won the first game of the NLCS because they strung together two-out hits against Roy Halladay. Feels good until you read the things the Mayans predicted would follow.


Eerie NLCS wordplay: Cody Ross spelled backward is 'Ssory Doc' - Big League Stew - MLB  - Yahoo! Sports
"There is possible anagram hope for Phillies fans: Brian Wilson can be re-arranged into 'Rainbows Nil' and 'Raisin Blown.'" - Which brings me to the number 8. There are eight letters in the name 'Cody Ross.' Now if you mix up the letters in the name 'Cody Ross', mix 'em around, eventually, you'll come up with Ssory Doc. Ssory Doc. The name of a planet in a galaxy way, way, way... way far away. And another thing. Once you go into that circle, the weather never changes. It is always 67 degrees with a 40% chance of rain.


The Good Phight - For Philadelphia Phillies Fans
"That Pat Burrell double off the abdomen of Raul Ibanez was the negative backwash of the Ruben Amaro, Jr. Years distilled into one play. Your adequate but slow left fielder, who you got rid of because he couldn't field, hits a ball to your new left fielder who ostensibly can field but really can't, after your hypercompetitive ace gets flustered and serves up a pitch to smash. If only Placido Polanco were somehow involved." -- Good analysis, and I like that he went out of his way to not offend us positive backwash fetishists.


Hot Poz on Ross action
"I've tried everything against that guy," said Ross after the game, his face still locked in disbelief. "I've tried to wait him out. I've tried to be aggressive. I guess I was in between tonight ..."


El Lefty Malo
"Despite the cameras showing the pitchers' anger, the rude signs behind the Giants' dugout, and the slo-mo sinkers that didn't sink, my favorite images from tonight's broadcast lingered on the Phillies' fans praying and chewing their rally towels and knuckles in the ninth. Hello, you silly people. Have some torture. We're happy to share. " - Yes.


Sanchez’s Slider - Bay City Ball
"Sanchez’s slurve boasted a whiff rate (misses/swings) of 78.5%. Batters took 14 cuts against Sanchez’s slider/curve and missed the ball completely 11 times. The 3 times Braves hitters did make contact resulted in foul balls. Not a single Braves hitter put Sanchez’s slider/curve into play. That’s pretty impressive." -- A look ahead to today, binary-style.