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Final Reminder: Sunday Game #2 Meet-up at The Public House (RSVP if you haven't)

As previously announced, we're having another meet-up at The Public House (the bar/restaurant in AT&T Park). This time, it's to watch the Giants in a freakin' National League Championship Series game!

The Giants are 3-0 when we do this and we've had a great time each time, so get your butt out there and join the fun!

A couple reminders:

  • You don't have to be 21 to get in
  • RSVP if you haven't done so already so we can give our friends at The Public House an accurate head count

UPDATED as of Sunday Morning:

Confirmed: jponry, Johnny Disaster, jctgamer, Mrs. jctgamer, j14, glenallen hill's waterpipe, groug, sfgiantsgirl, Goofus, Mrs. Goofus, kudo, haverecords(+1), ryogahibiki, Sabean's_Folly(+1), buymagifish(+1), LostHawkGSW(+1), Enchanter, Mr Enchanter, bo ban toNg

Probably/Maybe: Snof, dregarx, oldjacket, Mrs. Oldjacket, troymccluresf, Seasick fish, KDL, AXmrdrir, Jordanovich, Goofus Jr., pentheus (+1), Rabbi Horwitz (+1), bull579(+1), villified, Alex_Lewis(+1), EliminateMe(+1), sfgirl's friend, taliesin(+1)