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Post-game thread: Giants move two games ahead of the Padres

The Padres hadn’t scored in 87 innings. They just dropped three out of four at home to the Cubs. They had to feel pressure. They walked into a raucous, sold-out park and had to watch Mike Felder participate in a pre-game ceremony that made grown men tear up. Mike Felder.

The Giants have been playing amazing baseball. They took a series in Coors Field, came home, and swept a team they needed to sweep. Their team ERA for the month of September was 1.78.

The top-half of the first ended with a Padre getting thrown out at home. The bottom-half started with a ten-pitch walk.

So it was on October 1st, 2010, that the myth of momentum died. Seriously. It doesn’t exist. Momentum is just a three-run home run away from becoming someone else’s. The Padres had the momentum after Adrian Gonzalez hit a three-run bomb. The wind was out of the crowd. The Padres had the momentum.

Then the Giants had double-secret momentum after Aaron Rowand hit a home run! They had triple-secret momentum when Cody Ross doubled, and a MOMENTUM VOLCANO was about to ERUPT when Andres Torres hit a swinging bunt to bring the Giants within two runs!

Momentum. Pfffft. Momentum is a right fielder playing on the damned warning track in the ninth inning. What kind of mad-professor nonsense was that? No matter.

Win a game, Giants. You have two more chances. Three, if you want to be a lawyer about it. There is no momentum. There is only baseball, and it’s a weird little game. Win one more game.