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Giants sign Pedro Martinez

's cousin. What? They did. Don't blame me when you jump to your own conclusions based on a misleading headline that I wrote in an obvious attempt to mislead you. This story is sourced and everything.

This is worth about a thousand comments. Sure, Denny Bautista couldn't hack it with the Royals or Pirates, but maybe he'll have a better chance with a roster that isn't so stacked. Seriously, though, this is one of my favorite parts of the offseason, weird as that may seem. I love the announcements of non-roster invitees. In addition to Bautista, the Giants signed "Left Behind" and "Growing Pains" star Kevin Cameron.

Bautista is the kind of a guy you stash in AAA because some front office or coach-type wants to take a stab at fixing him. Cameron is the kind of guy you stash in AAA, hoping he regains his health and strikeout stuff. Both are longshots to make the team, but so were Brandon Medders and Justin Miller.

Who will be this year's Andres Torres? Probably Andres Torres. But maybe we'll see one of these other guys this year,odds be damned.