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Giants Lose the Game, Series

Dropping two of three to the worst team in the division at home. Scoring five combined runs off Kevin Correia and Wade LeBlanc. Wasting your time. We're not in this thing.

The same post-Coors disclaimer applies: if you want to get technical, we're still in this thing. Maybe Colorado will lose three straight at the same time the Giants win three straight. And then we'll have hope again.

Because, really, I'm just geeked about watching Joel Piniero throw a complete game, 77-pitch shutout against Randy Winn, Eugenio Velez, Bengie Molina, and Edgar Renteria in the only playoff game at home this season. That's why I'm living and dying with the team. I just can't wait to watch this team against some real competition.

In five years, most of us will have mostly positive memories of this season. It was the season we weren't expecting, the season that was worth watching. That's because we're stupid. Really, really stupid.

And of course, the reason that the Giants lost this game was a failed bunt. THE LITTLE THINGS omg! Forget that even with runners on second and third with one out, a Velez strikeout and Sanchez popout wouldn't have done anything. Forget that the team was offensively inept for the rest of the game. The Giants can't execute THE LITTLE THINGS.

Screw it. I'm so not watching the game tomorrow. That's a promise. I'll probably come back on Friday, but there's no way I"m watching any baseball tomorrow.