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Post-Game: Padres Defeat the Giants




Thoughts on Bumgarner after the jump...

  • Ranged from 87 to 92 on the fastball, which would be consistent with the recent reports that he's lost a little velocity. That isn't always a big deal when ...wait, did they just say that Too Short was going to be on Chronicle Live? "I remember how it all began/I used to chat with Greg Papa, my announcing friend"... dealing with teenagers, apparently. I read that on a blog somewhere. But that didn't mean that the fastball was easy pickin's. Caught a few looking, got a few swingthroughs. Deceptive delivery.
  • The breaking ball is better than I expected. It's inconsistent as all heck, but it has potential as more than a not-fastball, which is what I was expecting. A not-fastball is defined as, "I'm throwing this because it isn't a fastball, and I want you to think I have other pitches." Not the case, as I can see the pitch becoming something he'd want to throw with two strikes.
  • The command is there. The control is spotty. Or vice versa. I can't remember which is which. He can avoid walks, but he isn't nailing the corners of the strike zone with every pitch. If you were confused about the scouting distinction between "command" and "control", Bumgarner's a good subject to study.
  • There's no way in heck he's ready for a full-time gig in a major league rotation. Not that there was anyone suggesting otherwise, but it's good to see the evidence. The temptation is gone. Thanks for the spot start, and I really think he was a better option than the Martinezes, Sadowskis, and Pucetaseseses of the organization. That's a post for another day. Like, tomorrow. But hone the stuff, and see you next fall.

But, heck, that all seems like a bunch of future talk, doesn't it? Craziness, what with the Giants in a torrid pennant race!

...that finds them three back of the next team up...


There's a lot of baseball left in the season. But the Rockies would have to lose three more times for the Giants to have a chance, and the Rockies haven't lost since April. I'm not sure why I'm still freaking out about a team that can't score more than three runs against Kevin Correia.