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Post-Game Recap: Giants Win a Squeaker

Brad Penny was found money again, the relievers held the line, and the offense scored just enough to win, 5-4.

Also, after the game, the Giants freeze-dried four runs and mailed them back to last week. As such, the Giants are now undefeated in September. Trust me, this gag worked a lot better before Alex Hinshaw got his hands on the game, but stay with me.

With the Giants a game up on the Rockies and just two and a half back of the Dodgers, I'm feeling good about the team's chances.

(Also, Uribe should start every game for the rest of the long as it's Edgar Renteria he's replacing.)

(Also also, that was a good game.)

(Also also also, that was awesome how with a large lead in the late innings, Bruce Bochy decided to put Eli Whiteside as a defensive replacement. The best time to get Buster Posey's feet wet: a 15-run lead. And don't you forget it.)