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Post-Game Recap: Three Games Ba...Wait, What?

If you can say that Buster Posey will cost the Giants games because he's a catching neophyte, if you can say that Posey's inability to frame pitches is unacceptable for a team still clinging to hope in a playoff race, then I can say this:

Eli Whiteside had a chance to throw out Derrek Lee in the ninth inning, and he couldn't. He had a chance to go back to a slider just outside of the zone against Jeff Baker, and he didn't. He is batting under .200, and in order to make up for that, he needs to have magic defensive skills and magic game-calling ability. Whiteside does not. No one does, and that's the point. This post game recap looked a little different five minutes ago. There was actual praise for Bochy. Here, take a look:

In the interest of fairness, let us praise Bruce Bochy for a second. No more, no less.

Thank you, Bruce, for starting John Bowker tonight. Thank you for giving him a second straight start, especially after he didn't do much of note in Monday's game. Sure, he worked an 0-2 count into a walk, braving possible clubhouse fines in the process, but that's not that sexy. If Andres Torres can't get a start after a two-homer game, what chance did Bowker stand?

Oh, ye of little faith. Sure, the reason Bowker started was probably a stupid one -- EIGHT AT-BAT DOMINATION OVER RYAN DEMPSTER, ENGAGE -- but it's not worth it to get the dental picks out for this particular horse. I've written that Bowker represents one of the only chances the Giants have to improve substantially nex

And then kaboom. If I threw 99 MPH, and Jeff Baker had just spit on two sliders, I'd try and sneak a fastball by the letters too. I'm not blaming Wilson for anything other than the leadoff walk. And, no, it's not fair to blame Whiteside other than to make a point that defensive specialist catchers are never perfect enough to justify putting them in the lineup over their offensively minded counterparts.

Also of note: That ninth-inning at-bat by Aaron Rowand was the worst at-bat I've seen all year, and I've watched the 2009 Giants, so I've seen plenty of contenders. No hyperbole, that was the worst at-bat of the year. Nate Schierholtz swung at three balls that hit him this season, and those three at-bats can't even touch the masterpiece from Rowand.

I believe that the Giants are in this thing I'm very, very skeptical that the Giants are in this thing.
Giants prove they are in this thing I'm excited! I'm excited!
Giants prove they are not in this thing I'm devastated. Meh.

I've been angrier. Thanks, silly little table, for telling me how to calm down.