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Post-Game Recap: Giants Are Most Assuredly Out of This Thing

Matt Cain's had bad outings this year, but this is the first time he's combined a) more than three earned runs with b) fewer than six innings pitched. On the few occasions he's been lit up, he's at least saved the bullpen from being overworked. It's been an amazing season for Cain. One absolute stinker is to be expected. If you're thinking it came at the wrong time, pshaw. This season's over.

Don't worry, though. There's still plenty of time to see if Eli Whiteside is the catcher of the future. Because when your team is down five runs, it makes sense to put in a catcher with a minor league career line of .244/.288/.393. That's the minors, mind you. That's a .288 career on-base percentage in the minors. But he KNOWS THE STAFF, and he's PAID HIS DUES, and THIS IS THE TEAM THAT GOT US HERE, so why would they put in a catcher who DOESN'T USE A WET FRUIT ROLL-UP AS A BASEBALL BAT when the team's down big? That's just nonsense. Savvy managing, that.