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Post-Game Recap: Penny is Money

Didn't know that Penny could still throw 95 after his shoulder wonkiness. I say we get that guy!

I really can't stand the new "NL is 50x worse than the AL" meme. Really, it's only 48 times worse, at most. Luckily, this dominant start by a piece of AL flotsam against an NL powerhouse will start to change some minds. Fight your prejudices, people!

Great win, especially considering that most of us had penciled Happ in for one of those 8 IP, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K specials.

Worth nothing: If Posey were catching, there would have been 17 passed balls that led to 15 unearned runs, and every hitter that Penny struck out had would have reached first as the ball rolled to the backstop. Clubhouse chemistry would have been at an all-time low, and Eli Whiteside would have started a Lord of the Flies-style clubhouse revolution, which would have ended in a large fire that canceled tomorrow's game and forced the Giants to play a doubleheader on the day after the season ends. So be careful what you wish for. Have you ever seen Reefer Madness? It's kind of like that, but with inexperienced catchers.