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Buster Posey Called Up

Buster Time

I understand the argument for keeping Buster Posey in the minor leagues a little longer. If he doesn't come up until next year, he'd probably hit arbitration later. That's a pretty big deal if Buster hits how Buster should hit, and if Buster fields how Buster should field. Buster.

But the argument for calling him up is even stronger:

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  1. This probably the best pitching Giants team we'll ever see. Seriously. The team ERA+ is at 122, which would be the best since 1954. I'll just let the importance of that specific year hang over the post like an after-salmon belch.
  2. This is probably the worst hitting Giants team we'll ever see. Until next year, at least. The cleanup hitter has an on-base percentage of .281, and he can't walk right now. Also, he can't walk. We're wasting the good pitching.
  3. If Buster Posey were to hit .260/.330/.390, he'd improve on the player he's replacing (albeit temporarily). Who is a cleanup hitter, again.
  4. Buster Posey will hit better than those modest numbers because I say so.
  5. Worrying about future arbitration awards isn't worth it in a playoff race. If a player can help his team make the playoffs, which leads to tons of extra revenue, it's a moot point. It's a gamble, but it isn't a wild one.

So welcome, Buster (nickname: Bustery Poseyey). No pressure. Just rescue the Giants' offense while you're up. Oh, and teach the rest of the team how to work the count. Also, dispel the myth that rookie catchers cause entire pitching staffs to implode. Also, I'd like a glass of iced tea.

It's more than a little silly that this didn't happen right away if it was going to happen at all, but it's still pretty danged exciting.