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Post-Game Recap: Giants Beat L.A., Pick Up a Game in the Wild Card Race

If the Giants do squander this fantastical pitching staff -- if they don't make the playoffs -- the real shame isn't that they wasted the Lincecum/Cain/Good Zito/Sanchez/Found Penny pentumvirate. That'd be a drag, but they're all back next year. Well, except for Penny. And Good Zito's going on sabbatical. Also, Cain's getting traded for Prince Fielder. Other than that, the rotation should be the same.

The real shame is that's hard to build a bullpen this effective. It's real hard. And there are guys in this Giants bullpen who shouldn't be expected to repeat their performances. It's happening now. This bullpen is filled with magic now. Dang it. I wouldn't put money on it being the same next season.

But that's kind of a downer thought on a night in which the Dodgers and Rockies both lost. Whoop! Heckuva game.