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Post-Game: Giants Take Pitches, Score Runs, Lock Real Giants in Broom Closet

I just realized that I'm using a kind of Pascal's Wager to determine how I should feel that the Giants are still flirting with the playoffs:

I believe that the Giants are in this thing I'm very, very skeptical that the Giants are in this thing.
Giants prove they are in this thing I'm excited! I'm excited!
Giants prove they are not in this thing I'm devastated. Meh.


I'm not being a cynical jerk; I'm only being coldly rational. Maybe a little cynically jerkish, I suppose. And as the Giants prove that they are, in fact, not quite out of this thing, and that they may indeed even qualify as a team that can be described as in this thing, I'm getting kind of excited. The team is still crazy flawed, but a win tomorrow would really make something out of what was previously nothing. Go Giants.