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Post-Game Recap: The Giants Win? The Giants Win!

After Ryan Garko dribbled a deadline special to Ian Stewart with the bases loaded in the sixth inning. I turned the radio off. The Giants had second and third with no one out. Molina whiffed. Pablo whiffed, albeit on a joke of a call. And then…poof. Inning over. The Giants were still down three runs, which isn’t something you’d expect them to score in a four-game series.

But, because I’m an idiot, I turned the game back on a half-inning later.

Wow. Just…wow.

It would take a pretty special game to invoke the name of Brian Johnson, blessed is he who smote Dodgers of yore. But here goes:

Brian Johnson. Edgar Renteria’s grand slam was Brian Johnson-esque. If the Giants lost the Brian Johnson game, they would have been two back of a playoff spot. Instead, it put the Giants into a tie. This game was one of the best regular season games since the Johnson game. It might not even need the qualifier. Amazing, amazing, unexpected game.

The season is over.

The season is over.

The season is over

Whoops. What kind of idiot would have written that? You wouldn’t find that kind of pessimism on a fan site like this. The Giants may, in fact, after further review, be somewhat in this, where "this" is defined as a highly contested playoff race.

And, in honor of Baggs’s cruel (but appropriate) poke in the eye, allow me to counter with a simple image.


September should be interesting.