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Postgame Thread: Astros, Giants offense defeat the Giants

One of the easiest traps for fans to fall into: blaming a single player for a loss. If only Joe Shlabotnik had hit a double in the fourth, we would have won! That ignores that the four hitters after Shlabotnik didn't reach base at all, for example. Losing is a team-wide endeavor.

But I still think I'll link to this article -- a look at the worst cleanup hitters since 1957 - about once every week. Molina's OPS+ right now has moved him into a tie for second worst in the past 52 years; he's in a tight race with Willie Kirkland from the 1962 Indians. That's just awesome.

Don't worry, though. Usually 34-year-old, out-of-shape catchers save their best work for September. I have a good feeling about this one.

Can we go home yet?