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Post-Game Recap: Zito Dominates

Maybe this is just hindsight, but if I were asked this question in April...

What possible organizational success story would make you the most optimistic for the future?

...before Pablo Sandoval blossoming, before Jonathan Sanchez finding some consistency, and before Buster Posey having success in the minors, I'd like to think that I would have said "Barry Zito returning to form." The contract was always going to be ridiculous, but what if Barry Zito was the Barry Zito of five years ago? Yeah, and what if Aaron Rowand hit thirty home runs, and what if Chris Speier lept out of the Reds dugout and hit 20 home runs for the Giants, and.... At some point -- I'm thinking this game, maybe -- it was just ridiculous to hope that Zito would provide any sort of value for any team at any point for the rest of his career.

Now he's good again. Like, he just pitched a beautiful game against the Giants' direct competition under stressful conditions. He's pitched ridiculously well for a month, and generally well for most of the season. This is an amazing development, and probably the best thing that could have happened for the team.

And heads up to the Rockies fans out there: That's what it's like to watch the Giants. Popped up bunts, failed chances with runners on third and less than two outs, and crazy flailing at unhittable pitches from heretofore hittable pitchers.

The Giants are in this thing? Crikey. I believe they are.

And I didn't have any problems writing this in the bottom of the eighth. Nope. Felt fine throughout the whole ninth inning. Yep. No doubts in my mind.