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Postgame fun: Rockies outslug Giants

It was easy to give up on this game after the Rockies dropped a 7 spot in the 6th inning. We've seen it all before. [opponent] scores a whole bunch of runs. That's it. Game over. See ya tomorrow.

However, there was a silver lining to be found in this cloud of fecal matter. It was nice to see the Giants scratch and claw to make the Rockies sweat a little. Five home runs, including Ryan Garko's first two as a Giant! If Garko really gets it going, it would be huge for this team. Tonight the Giants showed that they have some fight in them and won't go down without pulling a few eyelashes in the process. It made the loss seem somewhat less painful. They'd better score this many freakin' runs for Lincecum tomorrow though.