So while conducting some very rudimentary, non Fangraphs quantum calculations analysis, I have come to the following conclusions that Bochy is hereby ordered to read and abide by:

Rowand was 25-73 (.342) w/ 4 HRs batting 7th before todays suckfest. He went 1-3 today, so he still has a decent average at #7 spot, but left 2 RISP.

Winn's best position is #5, where he is 30 for 87 (.345). Went 3-5 today in #5 spot...I like him here! Garko behind him is apparently not a good idea.

I like Velez in the leadoff spot (NEEDS to learn to steal), but after yesterday's performance I found an interesting fact: he's batting .156 (5-32) when playing 2B. Started at 2B, 0-5 today. Freddy come back! Velez only hits well playing the OF.

I initially thought I'd go with a Pablo - Nate 3-4 so Pablo would get him more ABs (and because Nate is hitting .471 at cleanup), but I can handle Nate then Pablo. All of Pablo's HRs minus one have come at the 3rd slot, but batting cleanup you can't complain about his .455 avg.

I think this is the winning combo. Bochy, stop using your huge French brain and just go with logic. And for fricks sake, stop removing Nate from the lineup. Just stop. I say Nate ends season over .310 if given daily opportunities. But here it is, my lineup of guaranteed victory!

Velez (OF!!!!!!!!)
Sanchez (2B)
Nate (OF)
Pablo (3B)
Winn (OF)
Molina (C)
Garko (1B) (away ONLY..4-30 at home) (Ishikawa at AT&T ONLY .349 at home!)
Renteria (.362 batting 8th spot)or Uribe (.325 in 8th spot) (SS)

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