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Post-Game Recap: Giants Take Three of Four from Phillies

It was so easy to hope for a split against the Phillies. Heck, over 50% of their lineup made the All-Star team. What could but mere mortals accomplish against this juggernaut? Woe be unto the team that lacked an offensive All-Star.

The Giants got greedy, though, and it was a magical thing. This was as satisfying as a series win has felt all season. Consider...

  • Cole Hamels putting up Zitonian numbers against the new, reinforced lineup. Very unexpected.
  • Stopping a good team -- and potential playoff foe, wink wink -- that was very much on a roll before coming to Mays Field is so, so much more satisfying than taking two of three from the Nationals or Pirates.
  • Barry Zito looking like a worthwhile pitcher again. I might start expecting this sort of thing.
  • Pablo Sandoval's beautiful home run on Thursday night; he was entitled to do one of those Barry Bonds pirouettes, but he chose the classy route.
  • After the Phillies' midseason acquisition poked us in the eye, ours did the same two games later. Welcome, Freddy Sanchez.

Good game. Good series. Remember when you were all freaking out about losing a bunch of games after the break, and I was all, "C'mon, this is a good team and I have faith in them, so just give it some time", and you laughed at me? Well, who's laughing now? I'd post a link to the thread in question, but I can't seem to find it right now.