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Post-Game Recap: San Francisco Giants Band Together to Score Run

If you don't catch the reference, a link for you....

I guess these kinds of games make me happy. But I still want to punch something. A win's a win, and it's just dandy when the Giants win, but I still want to punch something because of the weenie offense.

Two Bochy bonus points today:

  1. Not trusting Barry Zito. I don't think I would have pinch-hit for him, but it was probably the right move. Too often we've seen Zito run out in the late innings of a solid outing to leak baserunners all over the place. Bochy's been burned too often.
  2. Trusting Sergio Romo, funky ERA be damned. Romo had a couple of ugly outings, his peers allowed all of the inherited runners to score, and the ERA ballooned. Some managers would read way too much into that -- and run right for Bobby Howry as an alternative -- but it didn't take long for Bochy to trust Bochy again.

The Giants can sweep tomorrow, with the first pitch coming at 5:30 a.m. or some crap.