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Post-Game Recap: Another Cookie-Cutter Giants Win

Tim Lincecum wasn't sharp again, and he had more walks than strikeouts, putting the Giants in a big hole early. Again. Luckily, Randy Winn was able to deliver some clutch hits again, and Bengie Molina eked out a couple more walks, and the Giants came back from a big deficit. Again. It's a good thing the Giants are getting so much production out of the first base position, as that's been their trademark for a lot of these come-from-behind wins.

Good win. It's always good to beat the Padres.

Edit: Dang it, you caught me. I just did a search for "Lincecum duds", "Winn clutch hits", and "Bengie Molina walks", and I copied and pasted one of the many search results. I forgot to change the team name from the last sentence. I could have edited it, but I was embarrassed at how lazy I was for taking a game recap, word for word, from one of the many that fit this description. A million apologies. It won't happen again.