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Post-Game Recap: Giants Lose Game, Respect

Back up the team bus to the Dodgers' clubhouse. Grab Joe Torre. Tell him he can take anyone from the Giants' starting lineup.

He leaves with one player. One. The Dodgers have a lineup that is superior to the Giants in every way. Randy Winn hit fifth tonight. Randy Winn has a lower slugging percentage than Juan Pierre. 

So, yay, the Giants are contending for the wild card. THEY'RE JUST ONE GAME BACK OF A PLAYOFF SPOT, DIDN'T YOU HEAR? But I feel deceived right now. This isn't a playoff team; this isn't a playoff lineup. This is a fantastic pitching staff going to waste.

I'm not giving up on the season after a single game. But it's easy to fantasize about 2010. Buster Posey. Not Randy Winn. A full season from Freddy Sanchez, knee allowing. Edgar Renteria's novel might get published, which would cause him to retire and concentrate on his book tour. The Lubbock Borders will love the guy.

Hey, it's a funny game. If the Giants win the next two, almost everything's forgiven. It'll be good times. Right now, I'm disgusted.


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