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Post-Game Recap: Lincecum, Padres Lineup Defeat Padres

Someone, somewhere started a horrible e-mail chain letter. Your mom probably forwarded it to you a couple of times, and you tried to send back a link to Snopes, but it didn't make a difference. The damage was done. The title was probably:

FW: RE: Did you know?!?

And buried between half-true tidbits would be something that reads:

32. Did you know that it's statistically as likely for a hitter to hit for the cycle as it is for a pitcher to pitch no-hitter?

Lies! Bald-faced lies!


The odds of a pitcher throwing a no-hitter: 12,021,087 to 1. The odds of a hitter hitting for the cycle: like, 10 to 1. Look it up. Didn't Randy Winn hit for the cycle five times last year? I refuse to believe the lies.

Sigh. The Giants will never throw a no-hitter in my lifetime. This has been my obsession of mine for a while, and I got kicked in the throat again tonight. Then after the no-hitter was broken up: solid single, bloop, walk, walk, walk. Padres back in the freaking game. Frustrating.

No matter, though. Great game. Dingerz, insurance runs, and 84% pure Timmy dominance. I won't be satisfied until the Padres and their fans all twitch at the mention of Mays Field like we do with Petco Park.