Which bat would you rather acquire?

Sorry for the rapid number of recent fanposts/shots, but my work has finally reached a bit of slow period and I can focus on some Giants talk. Anyhoo, here is my question, which player would you rather acquire at the trade deadline?

Player 1

31 years old, due 8 million in 09, 8 million in '10

329 PA's, .316 avg, .355 OBP, .477 SLG, .356 BABIP, .358 wOBA, 6 homers, 18 BB's to 45 K's, UZR of 3.2 (in NL)

Prior to this year had a 3 year avg of: .306/.340/.429, 1 HR per 73 PA, 84 BB's to 191 K's, OPS+ of 101, UZR of 4.0

Player 2

30 years old, due 5.8 million in 09 and then FA

319 PA's, .301 avg, .342 OBP, .480 SLG, .316 BABIP, .347 wOBA, 12 HR, 14 BB's to 40 K's, UZR of 2.3 (in AL)

Prior to this year had a 3 year avg of: .294/.336/.460, 1 HR per 34 PA, 74 BB to 198 K's, OPS+ of 103, UZR of 3.0

These two have a lot of similarities on paper, obviously there's a few smaller differences, but more or less hitters of similar ilk.

So who would you rather have??? Shocking answers after the jump.

Well, if you didn't figure it out already, Player 1 is Freddy Sanchez, who seems to be clamored for by a lot of Giants fans, even in a place with as many, some smart fans like McC.

Who is player 2 you ask? The last big bat we acquired in the middle of the season, Shea Hillenbrand.

Now, before you jump on the "BUT FREDDY PLAYS 2B!!!" train, I understand the positional relevance of both Freddy'z UZR as well as hitting stats given that he can play a premium position. However, the key point in all of this is to look at how Shea Hillenbrand ultimately faired in his career. No, I'm not saying all players with the "no walks, non-elite power" mindset are all destined for doom in their early 30's, but I do think it's worth taking a little wonderment about the "amazing Freddy Sanchez".

While Freddy does get points over Shea for playing 2B, he also due more money and would be on the payroll next year for 8 million (although if you like him, that might be a positive for you). He would also cost a bit more than Shea Hillenbrand via trade, due to the fact that there are multiple suitors (Rockies apparently willing to offer their 07 1st round pick, Weatherrs), Freddy was named an all-star, and most importantly Freddy hasn't been designated for assignment like Shea Hillenbrand was. In summation, not only is Freddy going to burn more money, he will cost a decent prospect.

Now, back to the whole falling apart as Shea did thing, let's take a look at Freddy Sanchez top 10 comps on BR.

1) Cotton Tierney (2B who after earning a 106 OPS+ in his age 27-29 years was out of baseball by 31 due to suckitude)

2) Butch Henline (C who had a 111 OPS+ through his age 27-30 years, basically sucked balls afterwards)

3) Robinson Cano (younger)

4) Don Padgett (C who has a 111 OPS+ through his age 25-28 seasons, OPS+ of 75 at age 29, then went to WWII and sucked upon return)

5) Fresco Thompson (2B with OPS+ of 93 in age 25-28 seasons, only got 210 PA's over the rest of his career)

6) Jeff Frye (2B with OPS+ of 93 from age 25-33, career done shortly after, also featured a vastly superior walk rate)

7) Earl Smith (C/2B with an OPS+ of 111 ages 24-30, terrible afterwards and out of baseball within 3 season)

8) Ted Easterly (OPS+ of 118 ages 24-29, poor at age 30, out of baseball at 31)

9) Alex Cintron (younger)

10) Johnny Estrada (I believe he is out of MLB by now, he used to be an all-star as well)

If you couldn't guess it by now, I don't like the idea of Freddy Sanchez as at all and am hoping to convert any of you Freddy Sanchez fans to my side.

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