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Post-Game Recap: Cain Wins Another

I don't believe in karma. I don't believe in curses. I used to believe, though, that Matt Cain's karma was cursed with bad and evil ju-ju. There was no other rational explanation for the past two years. So the new, improved run support for Cain starts is as welcome as it is surprising. I haven't been this pleasantly surprised since I stumbled upon a large, free, and thorough database of internet pornography.

Then Brian Wilson started making things squirelly in the ninth. And I again wondered if Cain's P.O. box was atop a secret Native American burial ground. Wilson has blown, by Baseball Reference's count, 19 different games that Cain was in line to win. That number seemed ridiculous, but the proof is right there in the link. So if there was any question that Cain's fortune has changed for the better, it was a good sign that Wilson was able to emerge with the save. If Wilson blew that game, he would have been less popular in San Francisco than the recent Board of Supervisors' decision to sell Coit Tower to a German public relations firm.

Cain won another game, which has to put him in the conversation for the starting pitcher in this year's All-Star Game. It's good times for Cain and the Giants. I knew that Cain was never gonna give us up; I knew that Cain was never gonna let us down (link goes to a video of a song with similar lyrics).

Also of note: please go to and vote for Pablo Sandoval as the last member of the 2009 All-Star Game.