2B solution: Julio Lugo?

Boston is about to have a crowded situation in their middle infield as Lowrie is coming back to the big club from the DL and it would seem likely that they would like to move Julio Lugo.

Now, with his hefty salary (pro-rated 8 million dollars left) and his recent string of poor years it seems unlikely there would be many takers. Enter the Giants.

We have a glaring hole at 2B, some money to spend, and a desire to not pay much in prospects. I'd bet if we agreed to pay, say, 1.5-2 million of Lugo's pro-rated salary the Red Sox would probably hand him over to us for a fringy pitching prospect, say Justin Fitzgerald.

Lugo is having a fairly decent year at .295/.364/.381 on a BABIP that isn't absurdly high. Last year he also managed to post a .358 OBP. If he can maintain a .350+ OBPthat'd be very nice for this club considering we only have two players currently doing that, one of which because he is hitting .333

Lugo's defensive numbers are a bit erratic, but I think it'd be safe to say Lugo rates a few (not a lot) runs below average defensively at short, but we'd be talking about moving him to 2B, where he would at least rate average, and I feel probably a tick above average.

The guy has always had a good deal of talent, and while he is past his prime and can no longer run like he used to (and has lost a lot of power), there is still a useful player there, one I think can help us out if we had him. I think playing everyday, Lugo could be worth at least 1 win above replacement level, which considering that our production is well below that level, would be quite a boost for this club. I'm all for givign Frandsen a chance personally, but Sabes doesnt seem to feel that way, and I don't think Frandsen is capable of a .350+ OBP in the majors, unlike Lugo.

Update: Didn't realize his contract ran through 2010, I'd obviously only want him at the price of 1.5- 2 million per year. Could even prove more useful than Renteria at SS if Frandsen emerged as a 2B option

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