It's ONLY Day One!!!!!

Hey guys, I feel like today was a great start for our push to vote Pablo "Panda" Sandoval in for that final spot. However, we still have until Thursday. If we can all put up the same effort that we put in today, I have a good feeling about Sandoval.

After today, I feel like Panda is right up there from reading the comments here on McCovey's Chronicles. In addition, major props to the person who posted on Lone Star Ball (Texas Rangers) to vote for Sandoval while we try to push Ian Kinsler in to help them out. I read the comments from the Rangers website and it seems like they are just as dedicated to vote in Kinsler as we are with Sandoval. I feel like if both fan bases do their part, we will get this done.

Bottom Line: Let's keep this up, do not diminish your efforts before Thursday. Pablo and Kinsler, but more inmportantly Pablo for that final spot!!!!

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