Season half over...about those predictions

After 81 games, I think we're all probably pretty pleased with the teams current record. Their on a pace to win 88 games, which makes this a good time to re-visit our pre-season predictions .

Looking back at your prediction for the Giants, would you change it now if you could?

I picked the Giants to win 87 games and win the division. 87 still sounds pretty good, but I don't think that would overtake the Dodgers.

The Giants might have played over their heads a little in the first half, but the should be able to do at least as well in the 2nd half:

* They play more games at home in the 2nd half
* They've played better (31-24) since opening the season 13-13
* The lineup looks better since the early on with Nate and Uribe in the lineup and Renteria and Ishikawa looking better
* They have the potential to improve even more by adding a bat

What say you all?

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