Sanchez for Sanchez? Rumor of Pittsburgh's Freddy for Jonathan.

Was skimming through the SB nation blogs and found this on Bucs Dugout, the Pittsburgh Pirates' SB Nation blog. Here's what they said:

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants are "thought to" be interested in Freddy Sanchez, and possibly also Adam LaRoche. Yay, passive voice! The Chronicle suggests that the Bucs might trade Freddy for another Sanchez, starting pitcher Jonathan. I do like Jonathan Sanchez, but he's 26 and still has big problems with walks, and anyway, the Pirates have any plenty of rotation options right now. Also, Sanchez hasn't yet posted a big-league ERA below 4.95 despite good strikeout numbers. I'd take him, but the Giants would have to include something else pretty nice. The Pirates should be listening to offers for Freddy, despite the fact that they really have no one to replace him, but a Sanchez-for-Sanchez swap doesn't do it for me.

Big news and with Downs being sent down, this leaves the Giants position player roster very thin and their bullpen very crowded. With inconsistency plaguing second base, Freddy Sanchez is an interesting idea, but the guy has been so hot and cold in his career I'm not sure how good he will be as the everyday second baseman. There has also been Adam LaRoche talks, but I think that would barely be an upgrade over Ishikawa or Bowker in Fresno, who should get a second chance before we go after somebody like LaRoche.

But speaking of Sanchez, do you think we should make the trade? He's looked great coming out of the bullpen, but you can just tell he hates pitching relief and he won't be happy unless he's a starter.

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