If we get them, will you love them?

I've been going over some scenario's in my head about bats the Giants might acquire and I keep landing on one scenario I find somewhat likely given the Giants needs, Sabean's tendencies, and our desire to (correctly) hold onto our top tier of prospects. The two names that keep coming to mind are a package, a package of two of the more hated players by Giants fans:

Scott Hairston and David Eckstein

Reasons why I think it makes sense:

1) They the Giants, Sabes loves to acquire Giant killers (see Steve Finley, Mark Portugal, Neifi Perez, Orel Herchiser, etc.). I was half surprised Sabes didn't make a run at Khalil Greene earlier.

2) Hairston can play CF & LF and kills LHP (.375/.451/694). Allowing for more flexibility with our lefty dominant OF options.

3) Won't be free, but clearly wouldn't require any of our top tier prospects

4) Hairston is hitting .314/.371/.559 with a .406 wOBA in the ultimate pitchers park. I don't know what that means to Sabean (especially since he's likely to regress, especially with this BABIP well above his career norms)

5) "Gamerness". Eckstein's gamerness rivals that of Aaron Rowand. Plus Eckstein is a "proven winner" and WS MVP. Veteran leadership, situational hitter (.375 BA w/ RISP), does the little things, yada yada yada

I'm not saying I'm advocating it, but it seems inevitable to me that Sabean will be in on both of these guys. The price? I'm not exactly sure, but my guess would be Fred Lewis and Scott Barnes (maybe even Pucetas), or something comparable.

I guess my question is, if we acquired two hated players like these, how would you guys feel about them? Obviously they'd win you over with success, but I just wanted to see, since I see this as a potentially likely scenario

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