Giants Position Production 1999-2009

I took the Giants positional players from 1999-2009 and plotted their sOPS+ scores. A sOPS+ score of 100 for any position on this graph indicates that the player was an average hitter in regards to the position.

Also, remember this:

A quick note about this graph. The red horizontal line indicates a score of 100 or a league average hitter for that position. We are also counting total production for each position. So, it’s not just the starter at the position, but the total overall production line (starters, bench players, substitutions) from that position. And remember that we’re not really considering defensive value in today’s post. So, some players who aren’t necessarily great hitters might look a little worse than intended. A pretty good example of this is Omar Vizquel in 2007. He accounted for 85% of the SS production on that Giants team while putting up a 71 sOPS+. But, he was very good defensively that year and was worth around +2 wins as a total player.

Here's the infiedlers


And the outfielders


Quick thoughts!

  • You'll be happy to know that the 2009 sOPS+ for 2B is the lowest of any other position on the Giants in the past 10 years. Icky.
  • The Giants don't really seem to understand 1B from an offensive point of view.
  • LF was good. Who was that guy again?
  • Pablo Sandoval is largely responsible for the best 3B production that the Giants have seen in the last 10 years.
  • Man, the early days of Rich Aurilia and Jeff Kent sure were nice. Check out 2001, that's a very good hitting middle infield.

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