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Freddy Sanchez Overflow Trade III

Denial: No way they gave up Alderson. I don't trust Twitter. I don't trust the beat writers. I'm waiting for the press conference.

Anger: I'm not going to name names, but I'd sure like to use duct tape to rip the goatee off of a certain general manager.

Bargaining: You know, if the Giants completely screw a different team before the trading deadline, I'll be okay with this move.

Depression: The Dodgers losing in 15 innings doesn't even make me smile. Well, a little bit. Maybe a lot. But where are the tears of joy? I'm depressed.

Acceptance: Whatever. Alderson wasn't a once-in-a-generation prospect, and there are serious doubts about the viability of his fastball. The Giants went from worst in the league at a position to an above-average player. I'll save the supercharged grumbles for Alderson's All-Star selection or Sanchez's move to the 60-day DL for kneeitis.