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Post-Game Recap: Giants Sweep the Pirates

In a game that both the Giants and Pirates played without Freddy Sanchez, the Giants won on a 10th-inning single from Randy Winn. The winning run was scored by Eugenio Velez, not Freddy Sanchez, which makes sense as Sanchez isn't even on the Giants. Yet. The single from Winn went down the first base line, close to where Sanchez would have been playing if he were in the lineup, which he wasn't, and might not ever be again, but that's just pure speculation, though I heard that a writer from Giants magazine wrote that the deal was guaranteed to happen in the next two hours unless there's a problem with the salary, knee injury, or prospects the Giants are willing to give up

Update - (7/28 @ 3:33) - Freddy Sanchez was not in the starting lineup today

Also of note: Matt Cain is good. Though he was mentioned in the same post as Freddy Sanchez in one of the twelve most trafficked Giants blogs after today's game, so there's a chance Cain might be moved for Freddy Sanchez, who is not on the Giants yet, though once he receives a replacement knee from a cadaver, he could be traded imminently once the series ends.