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Quick Pre-Game OMG OMG OMG Freddy Sanchez Thread

I kind of get the excitement. Going from Giants 2B to Freddy Sanchez is like going from Normal 2B to Chase Utley. But when I read things like this...

I'm hearing conflicting information on whether the Giants would get Sanchez for prospects only (and they would be higher-level prospects than Scott Barnes) or prospects plus a player on the 25-man roster.

...I'm afeared. Maybe the folks giving Henry Schulman the information weren't familiar with Barnes, so they assumed he was a real low-level scrub. Or maybe Thomas Neal is packing his bags right now and offering to split a cab with Tim Alderson.

The other thing that scares me: The Giants would prefer to give up better prospects rather than take on Sanchez's full salary next year. If the money saved is used for the super shiniest toolbox the Dominican Republic's ever produced, then that's swell. If the money is used on Edgar Reteria's older brother, Medgar, it seems like a move that's short-sighted, at best.

Hold me. I'm afeared.