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Giants Acquire Ryan Garko From Indians For Scott Barnes

The Giants have acquired first-baseman Ryan Garko from the Indians in exchange for lefty starter Scott Barnes, currently with High-A San Jose. Garko is hitting .285/.362/.464 with Cleveland with 11 homeruns and 20 walks in 273 plate appearances. He has a .361 wOBA and has been worth 1.3 WAR to this point in 2009. Garko turned 28 in January and has a ZiPS rest-of-season wOBA projection of .344. He also has the flexibility to play outfield if the Giants need him there at any point. He is making $446,000 in 2009, his last year of indentured servitude. He will be eligible for salary arbitration for the first time this offseason.

Prior to the season, John Sickels of Minor League Ball rated Barnes a C+ and pegged him as the Giants' 14th best prospect, saying he had "Good stuff, decent command."

Grant will by shortly to give his take on the deal. More comments can be found in this FanPost