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Post-Game Recap: Cain Wins Again

Brian Wilson walked the leadoff batter in the ninth inning. Then he took the next batter to a 3-2 count before getting a fly ball. Then he gave up a single. There were two runners on and only one out. I'm not an especially religious man, but I looked up to the sky, and I muttered...

Hey there. I don't purport to know if there's anything up there, and if there is, I'm sure I can't comprehend your true nature. But tonight the center field camera showed a) a purple triceratops behind home plate, dancing around in the pitcher's field of vision and b) fans doing the wave. If a team wins a thrilling game in the bottom of the ninth inning after committing both of those crimes against the game -- nay, humanity -- then I guess I only know one thing about you: that you really, really hate me and everything that I stand for.

I don't have any answers, really. But for tonight, at least, I'd put money on "just and benevolent deity."