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Post-Game Thread: More Road Humiliation

This was a good game for the Giants. More after the jump.

Follow the logic:

...if this team stinks -- and the team I just watched most certainly did stink -- then they shouldn't trade away any young players for deadline help

...if Jonathan Sanchez is one of the aforementioned young players who could be traded away -- and he pitched another beautiful, controlled game tonight -- then it behooves the team to stink while he pitches well

...then yeah, I don't even believe this.

Arrfafggh. Sanchez is a bright spot. The offense gets a special pat on the back for scoring more than one run, bully for them!, but it's pretty bleak in the top half of these road games. Romo's ERA, now at 6.59, is a prime example of why ERA is almost useless for relievers. He's been awful in his last few appearances, but he's still throwing strikes and getting ahead of hitters. He's still a good pitcher. I hope.