OT:Thank You McCovey Chronicle

I just wanted to share my thanks to the people of this site. I grew up loving baseball. My admiration of the game stems from birth when my parents feverishly watched everything baseball. They are both two of the biggest baseball fans I've ever known. As a child I watched the A's because my parents were huge fans of Ricky Henderson, Carney Lansford, Rick Honeycutt and all the other Oakland greats of the '80's. But me, I never had the same affection for those teams as my folks did. Much to the chagrin of Mom and Dad, I was a Giants fan. Then in 1993, when I was 10 years old, I was officially hooked. Barry Lamar Bonds came home and I was a young boy in awe of his greatness. I idolized the same things we all did. No reason to list them all. We were all witnesses to his excellence. Baseball was what I cared about most. Football, basketball, and wrestling were cool, but I wanted to be a baseball player first and foremost. But, as I got older baseball became less and less important.

I grew bigger (along with BLB) and baseball faded into the background by the time I was 16. Wresting was my top priority when it came to sports. Girls, my drivers license, high school social status and everything that seemed soooo important as a 16 year old kid now trumped my once obsession with the Giants and baseball in general. Though I always followed and rooted for my home team, I could rarely be bothered to spend three hours to watch the game I once couldn't bare to miss. Then came college, work, and general life stuff we all do. Baseball kept being driven further and deeper into my sub-consciousness.

So, where does McCovey Chronicles and all ya'll fit onto my story? Well, a bit over a year ago on Mother's Day I got sick. I couldn't eat brunch with my family or go to work the following day. "Ok, so I have the flu," I thought. But I got progressively more ill and in more pain. Finally I went to the doctor after a few stubborn weeks. No luck with a diagnosis. My legs and arms had started becoming so painful I could barely walk or grip anything. Maybe I had a pinched nerve in my back. Docs ran some test and again nothing. I was rapidly losing weight. Before I got sick I was 185 lbs at 6'1". A month in and I was now 170 lbs. My doctors started getting worried and so was I. Two and a half months in and I could no longer walk and was pretty much stuck in bed 24/7. My doctors were perplexed and I was sent to Stanford Neurology. There I was given every test known to man, more than once.

At this point summer was in full swing and baseball was cruising along. I had all the time in the world to watch games again because I couldn't leave the house without serious help. The Giants were there everyday and again became a part of my life. I started to become interested in all things baseball and one day I was searching around the internet. That's when I found McCovey Chronicles. I started reading some things here and there, but quickly I became a avid reader. I started learning about Fangraphs, ERA+, VORP (which I still don't understand), Gints Brazz, Bowkermania and just about everything else that is awesome. In the simplest of terms, baseball and McCovey Chonicles were a way to keep my sanity.

August came around and I was down to 148 lbs and still no diagnosis. I was definitely terrified now, but was able I had an outlet I loved now. I was enjoying watching Lincecum dominate, The Kids coming to The Show and laughing at the randomness that is McCovey Chronicles (there really is some funny stuff on this site). Finally, when things were at there worst and I had reached my bottom point, I was diagnosed. The good news was that my doctors found a rare auto-immune disorder that was curable with time and meds. September rolled around and I was quickly on my way to recovery. The Giants were out of it, but that wasn't the important part to me. What was important was that the Giants and McCovey Chronicles were there along the way to keep me from losing my mind. When I was pissed, tired, sad, scared or any combination of emotions, I would always look forward to a game. Off-days for the Giants were a big bummer, but those were days I just spent more time reading The Chronicles.

I bring this up now because it was just about a year ago when things weren't looking too great and I was ALWAYS roaming around these parts. I was just thinking about how important baseball has been to me and even though there was a gap in my life where baseball was forgotten, I believe it is now here to stay. And I thank all the good people of McCovey Chronicles for not only reminding me that my childhood love has not been forgotten and for teaching me things about the game I never would have known otherwise, but for also being there for me when you didn't even know it. That's what is great about life sometimes; you can mean something to someone without even knowing it. Baseball was that something. McCovey Chronicles was that something. Today I'm just about fully recovered and watching baseball now feels even better now. I'll forever remember that. Thank you baseball and thank you McCovians.

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