Buster? Are You Okay?

It was an evening like any other. A boiling June Friday night at some brownturfed ball field in the Cal League. The ringing of cell phones and the screams of dehydrated babies rang out in the half-empty grandstands with the clarity of a public announcement. Two rosters of stiffs, youngsters, and anonymous prospects darkened their jerseys with sweat in a contest that soon would be forgotten until BUSTER POSEY WAS HIT IN THE FREAKING HEAD WITH A PITCH!!!!

This happened a week ago. I first read the news with alarm. "What? The head? Is he okay?" I was soon assured he was fine by the people whose job it is to give me this information. The team was just being cautious.

I assumed this to be true but now it has been a week. He was supposed to DH last night and did not. He was supposed to be moving to Fresno soon and has not. The team still says he fine, but where is he? I'm starting to grow concerned. If he's really okay wouldn't it be better to get him back out there so he doesn't get psyched out? Has anyone seen him? Are we sure he's still with us? What should the course of action be? I'm nervous, confused and scared. Help. BUSTER, IF YOU CAN HEAR THIS JUST SEND US A SIGNAL THAT YOU'RE OKAY!!! PLEASE!!! BUUUSSSTTTERRRRRR!!!!!!!!

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