The Giants Needs

go giants

I really dont understand when people say that the giants need to get starting pitching. That's our strength. I would love to go into the playoffs with lincecum,cain,johnson and zito pitching with sanchey in the bullpen and wilson closing. That is a championchip formula. But, the bottom line is we need offense. We need a 2 hitter and a 4 hitter. We need to get 2b Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates and Lf Matt Holliday from the Athletics. I would to go into the playoffs with a lineup of rowand cf, sanchez 2b , sandoval 3b, Holliday Lf , Molina C, Winn Rf, Renteria SS, Ishakawa/Aurilia 1b, pitcher. I think we could beat any team in the national league.

I think for first baseman we could even get nick johnson for a prospect or two. I think we have something special and should go for it.

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