Willie Mays aboard Air Force One

That is a video clip released by the White House of a segment of the conversation between President Obama and Willie Mays on Air Force One yesterday on their way to the All Star Game. I still don't know quite how Willie ended up on Air Force One-- did the Presidential Airlift Group send The Plane to San Francisco to get Willie first, then go back to DC to pick up the President? Did Willie happen to be in DC? Anyone know how that came about? Anyway, it is quite lovely to see this moment for Willie. Even politics aside, I hope those who didn't/don't necessarily support Obama can maybe get a kick out of the history of what they're talking about.

(Yes, this could possibly have been a Fanshot, but so few people check them regularly, and I thought it compelling enough to warrant the higher visibility. I beg anyone's pardon who is irritated by the choice.)

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