Organization Prospect Depth Chart: Corner Outfielder

Randy Winn is in the final year of his contract. Young LHHs John Bowker, Fred Lewis and Nate Schierholtz are vying for two spots on the roster. One of these players may be dealt. Are they ML regulars? The farm has no one available at AAA Fresno. AA Connecticut has Eddy Martinez-Esteve but management seems to overlook him.

Most of the corner outfield talent is in the lower minors. McCoven favorite, Thomas Neal, is viewed as a 4th outfielder by another McCoven favorite, Keith Law. Roger Kieschnick has done well with his aggressive push to A+ ball in his first full season.

17 year old Rafael Rodriguez is making contact and holding his own in AZ rookie league.

AAA Fresno Grizzlies

AA Connecticut Defenders

A+ San Jose Giants

A Augusta GreenJackets

A Salem-Keizer Volcanoes

R Arizona Giants

My top Giants corner outfield prospects:

1. Thomas Neal A+

2. Roger Kieschnick A+

3. Eddy Martinez-Esteve AA

4. Rafael Rodriguez R

Who are your top SF Giants top corner outfield prospects?

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