OT: Most guilty music pleasure

Remember that car commercial where that guy is driving with his buddy who catches him with the "Play: Micheal Bolton"?

This post is inspired by the "indy rock gods" thread posted a couple days ago... I bring you the flip side. Which is the single most indefensible, indy-rock-cred shattering musical guilty pleasure that you have?

NON-IRONICALLY. And I am not talking stuff that could be considered vaguely retro nostalgia cool, like Def Leppard, or Loverboy, or Pat Benatar (what? yes, speak up, I am old). Not even "Bad" by MJ, which has some (albeit little) coolness factor, or Manowar or Gwar or something intentional/unintentionally funny.

I am talking the pop music equivalent of Air Bud 2: Golden Receiver. And you have to really like the song too... as in put it on a mix CD and sign aloud in the car on the way to work like I did this morning (alone of course).

Since I know that it's going to come up, I am not sure if Disco counts. It might count depending on your age bracket. If I asked this ~10-15 years ago, Disco would definitly be in the "super lame" category, but I think it's been given new respect in the Millennium.

Oh, and I have a *great* one. So great that I am going to make you wait for it. I will post my bombshell after I get 25 (for Barry!) from you dudes. Not that I have any indy rock cred... but still

EDIT: I forgot the best part... I am sure that such an outpouring of embarassment will be awesome karma for the Giants going forward in 2009. So if you don't pony up, you hate the Giants!!!

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