The Giants should retire jersey #22

Every time I see Eli Whiteside wearing #22, I think about how wrong that is. Jack Clark and Will Clark were the faces of their teams. Both of them were Giant All-Stars on the strength of their bats, while adding good defense as a bonus. Giving Jack's number to Will, while obvious enough to not be genius, was the absolutely right thing to do. Seeing it now on someone else, regardless of whether or not either of them made the Hall of Fame, strikes me as wrong.

Some of you will say that only HOF numbers get retired and that's that, but when I see the numbers at the stadium, I think of the Giants through the ages. With this one number, you bridge the sad gap of the mid-70's to early 90's. The Giants did a great thing when they gave Barry Bonds his dad's #25. They should honor #22 by retiring it.

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